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Tiffany Brooks lives in San Francisco with her family and bunch of rescue pets, who luckily don't mind being featured on her Instagram. The best thing about living on the west coast means she can find out what happens on Game of Thrones three hours ahead of air time. That, plus not having winter weather, means she'll never move back east, although that doesn't stop her New England family from asking when she'll be moving "back home" to New York or Connecticut.
Jonathan Schork was born and raised in the mid-Hudson Valley and used the Catskills of his childhood as the setting for More Tales from the Enchanted Wood and The Love of Simon Fox. He has been writing since his teen years, and has navigated an eccentric career path that includes contributions to various Key West, Florida newspapers, the fashion magazine Disfunkshion, and several screen plays. His previous books include the 2015 illustrated young adult fantasy/adventure novella Fearless Inanna, and 2017’s collection of short plays, The Bathroom Rule. Mr. Schork is an award winning artist currently residing in St.Petersburg, Florida.
P.H.C. Marchesi has a Ph.D. in English literature and is currently an English professor at LaGrange College, GA. She has written two science-fiction novels for middle-grade audiences, Shelby & Shauna Kitt and the Dimensional Holes and Shelby & Shauna Kitt and the Alterax Buttons. Marchesi is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and moved to Europe as a young teen before coming to the United States for college and graduate school. The space travels of Shelby & Shauna Kitt, brother-and-sister twins, are partially based on fond childhood memories of exploring new places and cultures. 

Marchesi is a nature lover, avid reader, stargazer, and optimist. She is currently working on a fantasy novel for young adult audiences.
Gregory A. Fournier graduated from Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan. After retiring from teaching English for San Diego City Schools, he pursued a career in writing. The Richard Streicher Jr. Murder is his third book. Greg has appeared on the Investigation Discovery Channel as a guest expert on serial killer John Norman Collins for their series “A Crime to Remember” in the episode entitled “A New Kind of Monster.” His true crime Terror In Ypsilanti is an Amazon bestseller. Greg is also the author of Zug Island: A Detroit Riot Novel, and he writes a blog entitled
Jenna Elizabeth Johnson is a bestselling, multi-award winning author of over a dozen fantasy and paranormal romance novels, as well as several novellas and short stories. She is best known for her Legend of Oescienne and Otherworld series. Jenna currently resides on the Central Coast of California, a place she finds as magical and enchanting as the worlds she creates.
Lisa Anne Novelline is an award-winning writer. She’s the author of the Piccadilly and her Magical World Book Series, which includes Piccadilly and the Fairy PolkaPiccadilly and the Waltzing Wind & Piccadilly and the Jolly Raindrops. Having taught both mathematics and problem-solving, she’s inspired by a profound commitment to the cultivation of creativity and critical thinking along with her abiding love of nature. She holds a MEd in Teaching and Curriculum from Harvard University, a BS in Psychology from Northeastern University, and a BS in Mathematics from Lesley University. She’s a mother of four and lives with her family in Massachusetts.
As a New England native who once dreamed of raising her family in Europe, Laurie now lives (quite happily) in Montana with her husband, two daughters, and their mellow Alaskan Malamute. When she's not writing, you can find her dreaming of Christmas year-round, knitting a medley of projects, creating dioramas for her group of 16″ fashion dolls, and crossing off an ever-evolving Mommy To-Do list.

Born in Sydney, Australia, Sandra's first novel, Cecilia, is a Literary Classics Gold & Silver Award recipient. Her second novel, Making Friends with Monsters is presently with her editor and she is currently writing Cecilia BOOK 2 – Eifa's Revenge.

When she’s not imagining fantastical stories grounded by rules and reasoning, Sandra is usually renovating something around the house, sneaking away with her husband for a last minute ski-trip, or dealing with the unruly strays that seem to enjoy terrorizing her three cats.
School librarian and author, Kena Sosa adores words, traveling, and playing the drums. She earned her bachelor’s degree from OLLU and master’s degree in bilingual education from SMU. Her first book, Rey Antonio and Rey Feo, celebrates her childhood in San Antonio. Her second book, Kindertransport: A Child’s Journey, is about the escape of children on the Kindertransport train just before the outbreak of World War II. Her recent release, The Unhuggables is an action-packed adventure about a boy who doesn't want a hug and depicts love even in difficult moments. Her sons, Alessandro and Lucca, are her ultimate joy.
Cat Michaels started writing stories in fourth grade and hasn’t stopped since.

After earning an M.S. degree in special education from the University of Kansas, she spent two decades helping students from kindergarten to college reach their potential. She also managed training programs for an international high-tech company. However, she returned to her education roots, serving at a community college as a writing coach to support students with Asperger’s syndrome and learning disabilities.

Cat’s tales for early readers tell of everyday life, with twists of mischief and mystery, that open young minds to new ways of looking at the world.

Cat and her family live in North Carolina where she designs pocket gardens, dabbles in graphic design and photography, works out nearly every day, and writes.
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Kristen Cathey was raised in Rapid City, South Dakota, where she still lives with her husband, son, and two dogs. Growing up near the Black Hills, she spent her time hiking, camping and reading herself to sleep with fictional books, lost in her own imagination
A Kingdom Far Away tells the story of Kari’s battle to raise her daughter, Lauren, and keep her safe despite uncaring institutions, untenable circumstances, and unbearable choices. Lauren’s afflictions were the cause of heartbreak, stress, and countless sleepless nights, but through it all she never lost the love of her mother, who fought time and again to provide her daughter with a brighter future.​
Caytlyn is from the southern tier of New York where she lives with her husband Daniel, and her two wonderful children Jack and Joanna. She has been writing for several years now and her stories explore the darker side of fantasy. When she's not writing, Caytlyn enjoys reading in the sunshine and playing hide and go seek with her kids. Wired is her second novel to win a Literary Classics Book Award.

Shanalee Sharboneau, creator of the My Mama Loves Me and My Daddy Loves Me, children’s picture book series, has been awarded medal finalist in the International Book Award for Best Children's Picture Book: Hardcover Fiction, Winner of the Royal Dragonfly Book Award for Best Children’s Picture Books Age five & Under and Awarded  Reader’s Favorite Five Stars twice. Her books have been recognized by the president of Ireland, Michael Higgins, financial guru, Dave Ramsey and former first lady, Laura Bush, and featured on Moving America Forward by William Shatner. Shanalee’s books are sold online all over the world.
Carolyn Sloan is a New York based, award-winning children's book author, music educator, and songwriter. She is passionate about sharing her experience performing and teaching music with children and adults. Her books are interactive, with music playing a central role. Ms. Sloan's kids' songs encourage children to express themselves while teaching them about important concepts like freedom, courage, and identity, making music both exciting and personal. Ms. Sloan is currently working on a new book, Welcome to Jazz, set to be published in October of 2019, while also developing an online education company called, TeachMe TV designed to be a safe space for young children to explore and learn. Ms. Sloan loves to travel and cook. She can be found in her Brooklyn kitchen experimenting with new recipes collected from her adventures.
A.J. Reilly was born in Metro-Detroit to a baptist preacher and a stay-at-home mother. He began writing in 2014 after the death of his grandfather, the man who became the inspiration for his debut novel The Askren Boys. He and his wife Jessica, and son Jack, live in the Metro-Detroit area.
While living in the Republic of Niger, Nelda LaTeef traveled by Land Rover to the fabled city of Timbuktu. Her children’s picture book, The Hunter and the Ebony Tree, received the Storytelling World Honor Award. It was translated into Italian, Korean, and Gaelic; and the illustrations showcased at the Society of Illustrators in New York and the McLean Project for the Arts. LaTeef studied at Harvard University and her book, Working Women for the 21st Century: Fifty Women Reveal Their Pathways to Success, was selected as recommended reading for young adults by The New York Public Library. She lives with her family in Virginia.
DG Lamb is a board certified clinical neuropsychologist. His day job involves helping people to become more independent after some type of neurological injury. While his professional experiences influenced his story in the series Driven to the Hilt, he also drew upon his love of cooking and backpacking the mountain trails of Arizona (where unlike Cyprus Grove, it rarely rains). He lives with his wife, a dog and two cats in Scottsdale. This is his debut novel and the first in a series of three already published, with two more planned to finish out the series.
Brad McKim practiced law for 30 years before retiring in 2015 to pursue several interests, including his long-time passion for U.S. Presidential history. His historical novel about the Presidents between Washington and Lincoln, A Presidents Story, is the result. Brad has lived in Colorado, Texas, Alaska and London, England while his work and love for travel have taken him to all 50 states and over 60 countries. He now lives in Wyoming with his wife Kay.
Linda Naseem has always been a writer; she likes to say that she was born with a pen in her hand, an event her mother did not appreciate. Her two novels, Eden and Nothing, are concerned with social issues. She is a retired RN and a world traveler, and currently lives in Colorado.
Lisa Reinicke loves cars and kids but realizes these two don't go together, unless the kids in the car are asleep. She founded Automotive Warranty Network, helping 800 dealerships nationwide displaying skinned knees from falling down and getting back up. Failing is part of succeeding.

Lisa's 4 children and 5 grandchildren remind her that life is a bowl of chocolates and that is why she needs to exercise. To eat more chocolate. She has written and published 5 children’s books receiving the Mom's Choice Gold award. Her latest memoir Football Flyboy is a tribute to the greatest generation.

Lisa raises money for charities that improve children’s lives, and financially supports several veteran programs. 
Rachel Rust is a YA author from Sioux Falls who loves all things mysterious, romantic, and thrilling. Her published books include All Kinds of Bad, and The Escape Series trilogy. When not making up stories, she enjoys spending time with her family and their two dogs—a pug and a chug (chihuahua/pug). Rachel is represented by Eva Scalzo at the Speilburg Literary Agency.
Embrace the enchanting world of historical romance in
Christine Wissner's epic novels. Her writing is rich with color and characterization.  She's honed her skill via freelance journalism for national magazines. On the wings of love she delivers her stories and looks forward to meeting her readers one day.
Jud Widing is an itinerant author of novels and short stories. He is a regular contributor to Everything Is Noise, and his fiction has appeared in publications such as Suspense Magazine, Storgy, Star 82 Review, The Offbeat and Medusa’s Laugh Press. He thinks you look very nice today, and is standing directly behind you.
Dawn Nelson is a true cowgirl. She was born and raised on a cattle ranch in North-Eastern Washington state. Married to a rancher, she now calls Creston, Washington home. Dawn, her husband, and their daughter, Laren, own and operate a large cattle ranch in central Washington. Dawn enjoys showing her cattle, riding horses, camping, hunting and other outdoor activities. She volunteers a lot of her time to 4-H and is actively involved in her community. Dawn is a twenty-seven time published author, with three books signed to movie contracts and over forty awards won. Writing is not just a past time for is her passion.
Lisa Fahey is a Christian Author and Speaker. Her newly released book Just As You Are: How Your Testimony Can Impact People In Ways You Never Thought Possible. was in the top 100 of New Releases on Amazon. She also has written two women's Bible studies. She is married and has two beautiful daughters. Lisa's favorite activities are to be with family and friends, play games, watch movies or go for walks.
Julie Rasmussen is a slightly potty-mouthed artificial blonde, former president of a cartoonist’s company, and member of Mensa. Sometime in the early 90s, between drinking Zimas and stealing food from the cafeteria, she got a journalism degree and later worked in the newspaper industry. She now writes and speaks on her own humorous journey into New Age Spirituality. She lives in Colorado with her teenage sons, where she can often be found on the back of a motorcycle or stealing inappropriate amounts of napkins from Taco Bell. Rapid City is her hometown; she graduated from Stevens High School (with a permed mullet) in 1988.
Veteran journalist Marc David is the author of three nonfiction books -- The Addicted Runner, Available Male Tale and 1,001 Things You Didn't Want to Know. His self-deprecating sense of humor shows in his first two books; his knowledge and love of trivia are on display in his third. Marc enjoys sharing his love of the printed word with people and is available for presentations as well as trivia quizzes.
Branch Isole is author of twenty-two books in four genres. The power of personal responsibility, or its avoidance, is his writing focus. His self-discovery themes span a wide range of reflective identity situations and scenarios every adult recognizes. His stories explore concepts and actions of struggle and relationship dynamics across a broad spectrum. Branch writes of issues and emotions often experienced, but not always voiced.
Jacob M. Appel is the author of three literary novels including Millard Salter's Last Day (Simon & Schuster / Gallery, 2017), seven short story collections, an essay collection, a cozy mystery, a thriller and a volume of poems. He currently teaches at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. More at
Evelyn Leite has been in the addiction and mental health profession for 35 years and has a private practice, Living With Solutions. She founded a non-profit corporation called A Center For Training And Restoration. She is the author of 14 books and she holds workshops nationwide which are devoted to teaching individuals and families about mental health and addiction, she does a lot of trauma related work with men and women who have been abused. Because her work as a humanitarian has been widely recognized she was installed in the SD Hall of Fame in 2008. Her work has included founding a youth center in Ft Pierre, SD, helping establish a women’s shelter in Pierre, SD, and helping to establish the Hope Center, a day shelter for the homeless in Rapid City, SD. Most of her work for the last 15 years has taken place on Indian Reservations. She has a new book coming out January 15, 2019 called A Fix For The Family Rift Caused By Addiction.
Alex lives and works in Southwest Wyoming in the oil and gas industry. He has faced many hardships throughout his life, from being burned in a fire to the passing of loved ones. He's tried to take the lessons learned and applied them to his work, his personal life and his philosophy.
One foot in front of the next, he treads his path forward, enjoying time with friends and family, the eternal quest for knowledge, and setting the table for friends and family he has yet to meet.
Mackenzie is a multi-award-winning author of the YA Fantasy series The Rite of Wands, published by BHC Press, which has caught the attention of Doctor Who and Harry Potter fans worldwide. Readers agree that Mackenzie has crafted a robust tale of secrets, mystery, and uncertain destiny that rivals the works of Tolkien, Lewis, and Rowling.

A storyteller at heart, she loves to inspire the imagination. Mackenzie makes her home in Mount Morris, Michigan, where she is currently penning her next adventure. 
M.J. Evans is the award-winning author of several middle-grade and YA fiction novels, both fantasy and contemporary. Most of her stories are centered around horses, whether real or fantasy. She and her husband are the parents of five children and grandparents of eleven. She lives in Colorado with her husband, three horses and a standard poodle.
Joanna Jones is a recognized author, educator and consultant. Her zest for reading made her a remarkable teacher, librarian and children’s literature author. Joanna taught in the Southwest before she returned to the Black Hills. She has presented on a variety of literacy topics across the United States as well as in Portugal, Scotland, New Zealand, and China.
Jacqui Letran is an Author, Speaker, Mindset Mentor and the Host of the Stop the Bully Within podcast. Jacqui’s Words of Wisdom for Teens Book Series won multiple awards and is often regarded as “must read” books for teens and young adults struggling with low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. 

A gifted and energetic Mindset Mentor, Jacqui dedicates her life’s work to help her clients and students transform their inner critic into their best friend and cheerleader so they can create that powerful and resilient mindset needed to be happy and successful in life.
Anders Roseberg is an award-winning children’s book author from Salt Lake City, Utah. Fusing vintage art with enchanting stories, his books captivate readers of all ages and reading levels, transporting them to worlds beyond their wildest imaginations. Anders has always been passionate about vintage memorabilia, rock ‘n roll music, and other art from the early to middle part of the 20th century and draws upon this aesthetic as inspiration for his books. His first picture book, Priscilla and the Sandman, which was inspired by a made-up lullaby he sang to his daughter Priscilla while he put her to sleep, uses vintage art to bring a magic story to life.

When he isn’t writing children’s books, he dabbles in writing music lyrics and writing film scripts. Although Priscilla and the Sandman is Ander’s first self-published children’s book, he continues to devote his time and energy to writing creative stories that will bring smiles and awe to future readers.
Martha Driscoll and Ann Driscoll are a mother/daughter writing team originally from Louisville, Kentucky and now from Dover, New Hampshire. Martha’s professional life was devoted to literacy and reading education and the preparation of reading teachers. Ann works in higher education. Martha’s first award-winning book was Nosey’s Wild Ride on the Belle of Louisville.
Randy Suits is a christian author of both fiction, non-fiction books and music books. His fiction book, based on a musical play, has an available CD soundtrack which can also be purchased at Amazon and online book merchants. Mr Suits is devoted to fundraising for special needs children and senior citizens.